The Risk Guy Podcast – Session #1 – Phil Smy (Part 1 of 2)

On the first ever Risk Guy Podcast I talk with Phil Smy, who is the CEO of, a company he founded with his brother 15 years ago and which now boasts over 1 million visitors per month. Phil has previously founded CostaFilma SL, an independent film distribution and production company in Spain and, which he describes as the Netflix of Spain. Phil was also a  founding partner of, also known as the Netflix of toys, which appeared on the US series Shark Tank back in 2011.

Listen in iTunes here: iTunes

Show Notes

2:35 – Phil on evolution in business – from Film Amora to Toygaroo
5:45 – Phil’s first ventures into entrepreneurship online music & mobile phone sports betting via WAP!
7:30 – Never be first & learning from other people’s mistakes
10:16 – Film Amora and the challenges of implementing a proven business model into a blue ocean market
15:30 – Lottery Canada and growing a website from zero to over a million visitors a month without any marketing
17:25 – Google loves time
18:20 – The power of free
19:30 – Generating revenue through advertising – it’s all about the eyeballs
21:50 – Why you don’t need an SEO consultant to drive traffic to your site
23:15 – On quality determining the success of any type of content and the importance of feedback
27:44 – Social media and the work involved in seeing a return on investment on your small business social media presence


If you enjoy the podcast please let me know in the comments section below and look out for part 2 of my interview with Phil where we cover advice for entrepreneurs who are about to start a new business, what it’s really like to gain an investment on Shark Tank, and what Phil’s experience with Toygaroo can teach us about the dangers of explosive growth in a small business.

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