About Joel Lenhardt

Joel Lenhardt is The Risk Guy. www.theriskguy.com
Joel Lenhardt – The Risk Guy

So a bit about me…..

I graduated from UWS in 2009, where I got my degree in business and accounting.

I lead a team of risk guys and gals at one of Australia’s biggest retail banks, though the views on this site are very much my own and don’t necessarily represent those of my employer.

I was the D&B / Asia-Pacific Banking and Finance Magazine’s Young Retail Banking Professional and Young Retail Banking Risk Professional of the year in 2014. Some recent press about that here.

I’ve worked as an Organisational Mentor in the not-for-profit sector for the last two years helping not-for-profit CEOs and their management teams better manage risk.

I’m nuts about my kids, wife and star wars (in no particular order).

And I think that all organisations both new and old can be more efficient, make better decisions and avoid costly mistakes by applying the basic risk management principles I talk about on this site.

About The Risk Guy

I’ve started this blog in the hope that it will become an information hub that empowers entrepreneurs, small businesses and not for profits to better manage risk in their organisations and ultimately be more sustainable and successful.

Skim a few articles and you’ll probably pick up that I’m super passionate about this topic and this passion is only matched by the thrill I get from helping new ventures that provide a social good to thrive.

If you like what you see here and want to be updated when I post you can subscribe via email here. I promise no spam and only the occasional nudie pic.

You can also follow me on Twitter @JoelTheRiskGuy and Linkedin here.


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