Don’t be the Turkey!

One of my all time favourite risk management books is The Black Swan by Nassim Taleb. Whilst you’d hardly call the book light reading and it normally resides in the libraries of traders, bankers and of course risk nerds (like me), there is an incredibly relatable story that Taleb outlines in the book that is useful to just about anyone running their own business – the case of the Thanksgiving turkey. Continue reading

The Risk Guy Podcast – Session #1 – Phil Smy (Part 1 of 2)

On the first ever Risk Guy Podcast I talk with Phil Smy, who is the CEO of, a company he founded with his brother 15 years ago and which now boasts over 1 million visitors per month. Phil has previously founded CostaFilma SL, an independent film distribution and production company in Spain and, which he describes as the Netflix of Spain. Phil was also a  founding partner of, also known as the Netflix of toys, which appeared on the US series Shark Tank back in 2011.

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The Hybrid Approach to Entrepreneurship. Don’t Quit Yet!

The Risk Guy - Hybrid Approach to Entrepreneurship

One of the biggest risks many entrepreneurs face when starting a new venture is abandoning the trusty pay-check and the financial stability that comes with a predictable and steady source of personal cash flow.

For a founder, the first few years of any new business are typically plagued by concerns about whether (or when) they will see a return on their labour and investment. These concerns are even more pronounced in first time entrepreneurs, or founders who are supporting a family along with themselves. Continue reading